Veterans Freedom Retreat

The Veterans Freedom Retreat is a week-long retreat for veterans and their partners where you’ll begin your journey to being free from the stress of past traumas.

The Retreat typically begins with afternoon check-in and ends with morning check-out eight days later.

Mornings consist of experiential education sessions led by professional facilitators. Afternoons consist of: one hour of counseling for the veteran couple, exercises in communications and relaxation activities designed to reduce stress. Evenings consist of Native American story-telling, peer group dynamics and free time.

Experiential Education

The Veterans Freedom Retreat includes dynamic and experiential educational opportunities. You’ll explore what triggers your PTSD episodes and how to control your triggers; how to better communicate with family, friends, and coworkers; and you’ll learn how to rebuild any damaged relationships you may have.

Native American Ceremonies

Native Americans have a rich history of honoring warriors, welcoming them home with dignity, and helping them cleanse war stains from their hands and hearts. We incorporate the symbolism and power of these ceremonies to help our warriors find freedom from the trauma of war.

Daily Counseling

You and your partner will participate in daily sessions with certified counselors. You’ll also receive follow-up phone sessions with the same counselor for the six months following the retreat. This intensity and consistency has the potential to provide tremendous results beyond anything you’ve previously experienced.

Alternative Specialty Sessions

Each day you’ll experience alternative specialty sessions that will give you creative tools for overcoming stress and anxiety. These sessions incorporate the latest in research-proven techniques to change your life.

Specialty Sessions

Here are some of the specialty sessions you can enjoy while attending a Veterans Freedom Retreat.

“Once dismissed as mere acrobatics with incense, yoga has been found to help ease the pain, stiffness, anger, night terrors, memory lapses, anxiety and depression that often afflict wounded warriors.” Research shows that trauma-sensitive yoga, which focuses on stretching, breathing techniques and meditation, can help you regain your inner balance, calming that part of the brain that has become hyper-aroused under severe stress (source).
“I thought this was a joke,” recalled Staff Sgt. Perry Hopman, a medic in Iraq. “I wanted no part of it because, number one, I’m a man, and I don’t like holding a dainty little paintbrush. Number two, I’m not an artist. And number three, I’m not in kindergarten. Well, I was ignorant, and I was wrong, because it’s great. I think this is what started me kind of opening up and talking about stuff and actually trying to get better” (source).

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This can change your life.

It can be difficult to come to a retreat like this. People you don’t know. An unfamiliar setting. Dealing with your struggles. But please know, this is the safest, most life-changing, place you can be.

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The retreat is free to any American veteran–and his or her partner–who has been diagnosed with PTSD by the VA or a counselor. Request more information by clicking the More Info button.

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