Listen to what past VFR attendees have to say about the program.

This retreat was really powerful.

Here, I’ve realized things I’ve never realized before. I’ve learned things I didn’t know before. (It has) completely redefined my relationship with my family, redefined my relationship with myself

I’m leaving with a sense of renewal and refreshment.

A Spouse

I am more at peace this week than any time since I can remember.

Vietnam Vet

They had to drag me here.
Since my wife died I have been alone, but am not alone anymore.


There was good support in the group. Humor was very important.

A Veteran

I haven’t been on the battlefield but I’ve experienced trauma, too.

A Spouse

You are all going to have a place in my heart.

A Veteran

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The retreat is free to any American veteran–and his or her partner–who has been diagnosed with PTSD by the VA or a counselor. Request more information by clicking the More Info button.

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