Our Mission

The mission of the Veterans Freedom Retreat is to help veterans and their significant others to experience freedom from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Veterans Freedom Retreat Overview

The Program

The Veterans Freedom Retreat is a week-long retreat for veterans and their partners where you’ll begin your journey to being free from the stress of past traumas.

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This can change your life.

It can be difficult to come to a retreat like this. People you don’t know. An unfamiliar setting. Dealing with your struggles. But please know, this is the safest, most life-changing, place you can be.

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The retreat is free to any American veteran–and his or her partner–who has been diagnosed with PTSD by the VA or a counselor. Request more information by clicking the More Info button.

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You can help support a veteran and his or her partner experience freedom from PTSD by donating to the Veterans Freedom Retreat.